Socket Outlet Fittings for High Pressure Pipe Works

Socket outlet fitting showing detail of the socket for outlet pipe to be welded into place
  • Welded branch fittings with socket for branch pipe
  • High strength
  • Reduced stress

As supplied by Midland Fittings and manufactured by Delcorte SA; Socket outlet branch fittings are welded onto the main pipe run and providing a plain female socket to connect the branching pipe into with a welded connection. The end of the branch pipe which is then welded into place in the socket. Similar to threaded outlet fittings, our socket outlets have the same strength and reduce stresses compared with the standard welded outlet configuration.

The Deltinox Stainless Steel and the Delcorte Carbon Steel variations ensure cost effective construction for a wide range of pressure and temperature environments. Currently this design can be used up to pressures of around 10000psi for the SS fittings and 6000psi for the cs forgings.

Available as Deltinox Stainless & Delcorte Carbon Steel Forged Socket Weld Pipe Fittings

Material specifications

DELTINOX range of High Pressure, Forged Stainless Steel Welded Socket Outlets are manufactured to extremely strict specifications, in state of the art manufacturing facilities in France. High quality production processes are augmented by regular quality checks.

ASTM A182 F5/F9/F11/F22/F304L/316L/321/ Applies to our range of MONEL/DUPLEX & SUPER DUPLEX stainless steel components.

Dimensions to ASME B16.11 & BS3799 Size Range: 1/8” to 4”

Pressure Rating: 3000/6000/9000/10000 PSI

DELCORTE range of High Pressure Forged Carbon Steel Socket Outlets are manufactured to equally strict specifications backed up by regular quality checks.

ASTM A105N Applies to forged carbon steel piping components and fittings, used in systems running at ambient and high temperature and pressures.

A350 LF2 Applies to our forged carbon and low alloy steel forged fittings used for low temperature applications.

Dimensions to ASME B16.11 & BS3799 Size Range: 1/8” to 4”

Pressure Rating: 2000/3000/6000/9000/10000 PSI