Forged Steel Olet Fittings

Branch Outlet fittings in a range of forged steels are the best solution for branching connections from pressure vessels and pipe runs. Generically referred to as forged Olet fittings since the early forties, the basic design has been constantly improved to give designers and fabricators of oil, gas and nuclear installations confidence that connections and branches in pipe runs can be constructed with excellent resilience to stress and fatigue failure. The range of durable Olets has grown to include: weldolets, sockolets, threadolets, nippolets and elbolets. The term “olet” simply indicating an outlet from a pipe run or vessel. The designs have improved since the early forties to accommodate branch connections from same size out to same size pipes; and reducing connections.

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STAINLESS STEEL WELDOLET  - Welded branching OutletWelded Branch Outlet Fittings allow the junction to present a smooth transition for fluid flow from the main pipe run to the outlet pipe. The basic weldolet design sits on the outer surface of the pipe run with a borehole cut into the wall of the, main run. The junction contours of the weldolet fitting allow proper spacing between the pipe and olet, so that the precise weld thickness is achieved. The configuration of the welding bevel allows the fitting / junction to be reinforces by the infill welding metal to achieve 100% of the original pipe strength. The design also distributes the stresses more successfully than mitred connections or other solutions, giving longer life and greater resistance to vibration and movement. On basic weldolets the ongoing outlet pipe run is butt welded to the Olet.

On outlet sizes of greater than 2 inches, it is usually possible to cut the main pipe borehole after welding, reducing the possibility of distortion to the junction. The use of weldolets with their short outlet length, makes it relatively easy to inspect the weld and confirm the integrity of the connection.

FORGED STEEL THREADOLETS RANGE: THREADED OUTLETS Threaded Outlets are usually referred to as threadolets. They allow the outlet pipe to be connected to the olet fitting using a threaded socket which accepts the approved standard pipe threads, applicable to the particular application or fluid within.

STAINLESS STEEL LATROLETS lateral welded outlets in stainless; carbon steel also availableThis type of olet fitting is employed to create a 45 degree angled outlet from the main pipe run. Again it utilises the basic weldolet configuration but creates a more elliptical hole in the main pipe run to extract fluid smoothly.

SWEEPOLETS FORGED STEEL PIPE FITTINGS: Integrally reinforced swept outlet fittingsSweepolets are the ultimate reinforced branch connection for high pressure pipe connections in safety critical applications. Sweepolets are manufactured to exacting standards to replace a section of the wall of the main pipe run. The forging of these pipe fittings creates a swept smooth internal surface that allows incredibly smooth fluid flow. The insertion of the fitting into the cut out wall of the main pipe allows a completely full strength weld to be executed and tested easily. Stresses are distributed over a considerably larger area of the pipe wall and sharp transitions are almost completely eliminated, tending to lead to longer lifespans and significantly lower risks of failure where the consequences of escape of some fluids are not to be contemplated.

When ordering Olets from LEO Fittings Ltd, it is vital to specify several criteria. Diameter and wall thickness of the main run, diameter and wall thickness of the branch outlet; material grades and dimensional standard that needs to be achieved.

Midland Fittings Ltd is a manufacturer of forged steel fittings including pipe run or vessel olets for the oil, gas, petrochemical, power and nuclear industries. Our company has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing high performance products.  We continue working to develop more efficient solutions and quicker turnarounds for our services to benefit you our customers. We listen to our clients’ requests and we work hard to meet your requirements and expectations.